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The following are testimonials from the feedback left by clients with whom I've conducted phone readings in connection with Keen Advisory Services as well as private, in-person consultations:

March 2015 / Vtmaba01: Very to the point ­ cards accurately explained situation and expressed emotions. Really good reading. Thank you.

March 2015 / FOXYLADY67: Sandy is the Best. She REALLY, REALLY tells you as IT IS. I love her for that. She does not sugar coat anything. Strict forward with the answer. When she tell you something, IT DOES HAPPEN. THERE is no surprises with her. Amazing and ACCURATE with her reading.

March 2015 / Isabel0811: Sandy has been on point and accurate with my Readings from day 1. Predictions have come to pass. Waiting to see what happens with future predictions. 5 Stars, give her a call today.

March 2015 / susie7771: Sandy So excited to get your reading all I do know is what for it to happen. You are fantastic and your readings always come true. I am excited to see what the future brings. Hugs and Kisses Susie

March 2015 / dvdr: Wow! She's amazing!

March 2015 / jsyl: Over time, I've come to rely on this advisor's readings because she wasn't yet once wrong and she gives honest and clear explanation of what she sees. The very best and #1 on my list.

March 2015 / Melissa5034: Always exciting to hear her predictions! Thanks for the positive reading! Looking forward to this year!

March 2015 / jjcatcher: Straightforward, quick and kind. lots of details without giving much information and very accurate. What more can you ask for in a reader? Thank you EXCELLENT, AS USUAL!!

February 2014 / Peaceful62:Sandy has consistently amazed me over the last 10 years. I always call in for a general reading, and she always picks up on exactly what is going on with me and the people in my life. She has never disappointed me. No one else on this site comes even close to comparing to her ability to connect with people and make accurate predictions. Give her a call and see for yourself.

February 2014 / Nigela:Hmm...interesting call. I think I now know why the universe will be sending in another guy, which I feel will challenge the current person of interest to "step up" and claim me more and will make him see, what he could potentially lose, and/or for me to make a solid decision as to who will be best for me. We'll see how this pans out and will update. Thanks Sandy! Awesome reading!

February 2014 / Birmgirl:Sandy is able to see into the future for me. It's not always good news. A year ago she predicted that the person I was interested in would leave me for someone else and as it hurts me to write about this because I'm very private, I have to tell the truth because that prediction that she made has come true. She has predicted a lot of things that have come true. She's very intuitive and deep down inside she knows the answers that we are unwilling to face. Accurate for me!

February 2014 / Lady2323:The best love reader on Keen

February 2014 / Romakaur:As always spot on - thanks picked up on that anxiety/situation spot on... x x x

February 2014 / Arx1:Thank you. You see 2 to 4 for something good for brad and I. You also see two other men around me which is true and you see I will commit to 1 of them. Who is financially stable. You were right last time that a new man would come in November 2 to 4 could be weeks or months. You see something good for Brad and I in January.


February 2014 / stupidly in love:Thank you. You are always great!

February 2014 / Jomar67:nice reading, accurate and nice lady. hoping for this to happen soon. thank you so much Josephine

February 2014 / Sweet Lady T:Sandy always amazes me with her accuracy. She picked up that I have a decision to make about work this year. She even knew the city that they want me to relocate to. She even picked up on my anxiety about making this decision. She picked up all of this with out me saying anything. Give her a call and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

February 2014 / A Day in the Sun:Sandy is consistently accurate which is why I've been calling her for over 6 years. She brings up things that I'm not even calling about and, of course, she's spot on. Told me what would happen with my job, some family members, house situation - time and time again she has been spot on. 5* not enough.

February 2014 / bassengineer:I've been consulting Sandy since August 2010 I would not still be doing so if she wasn't accurate. Nobody is 100% but Sandy is ethical and cares for her clients, I have known this for 4 years.

February 2014 / OmSandi:Picked up on things she couldn't have otherwise known. Readings are consistent. Does not inject her own experiences into her readings like some other readers do, but instead gives clear interpretations and advice.

February 2014 / pleshkov:Sandy gave me a very accurate reading, many things she said I know were true. She's an exceptional reader.

December 2013 / Peaceful62:Sandy has consistently amazed me over the last 10 years. I always call in for a general reading, and she always picks up on exactly what is going on with me and the people in my life. She has never disappointed me. No one else on this site comes even close to comparing to her ability to connect with people and make accurate predictions. Give her a call and see for yourself.

December 2013 / Nigela:Hmm...interesting call. I think I now know why the universe will be sending in another guy, which I feel will challenge the current person of interest to "step up" and claim me more and will make him see, what he could potentially loose, and/or for me to make a solid decision as to who will be best for me. We'll see how this pans out and will update. Thanks Sandy! Awesome reading!

December 2013 / Birmgirl:Sandy is able to see into the future for me. It's not always good news. A year ago she predicted that the person I was interested in would leave me for someone else and as it hurts me to write about this because I'm very private, I have to tell the truth because that prediction that she made has come true. She has predicted a lot of things that have come true. She's very intuitive and deep down inside she knows the answers that we are unwilling to face. Accurate for me!

December 2013 / Lady2323:The best love reader on Keen

December 2013 / Romakaur:As always spot on - thanks picked up on that anxiety/situation spot on... x x x

December 2013 / Arx1:Thank you. You see 2 to 4 for something good for brad and I. You also see two other men around me which is true and you see I will commit to 1 of them. Who is financially stable. You were right last time that a new man would come in November. 2 to 4 could be weeks or months. You see something good for brad and I in January.

April 2013 / KGyatso:So on the money...thanks for your honesty!

April 2013 / newbie2:I'm impressed. Thank you!

April 2013 / lena17:She was AWESOME!! Thank you for the peace of mind today!!

April 2013 / gennole:After my "friend" had shown her true colors, I couldn't have felt any worse than I have been so I really needed to speak with you! Although I am very sad by the loss of someone who meant so much to me and a supposed "friend", speaking with you has let me see a glimmer of light in a dark moment. I will try to get myself to focus on the positive things to come. Thank you so much Sandy!!

April 2013 / Peaceful62:Sandy is AMAZING! I called in for a general reading and immediately she tuned in on me and my husband trying to have a baby. She also saw me making more money and being less stressed out at work which has been slowing happening over the last several months. She saw me planning a trip which I have been keeping watch on travel deals to book something inexpensive for my husband's B-Day. She is Honestly THE REAL DEAL. Call her and see for yourself. You will be amazed as well.

April 2013 / Sweet Potato:Sandy is AWESOME! She is the best here on Keen. She is able to tune right in on the current situation without you giving her any details. That's how you know she is Real and Truly Gifted. Call her and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed

April 2013 / lady2323:I have been calling for almost 3yrs. She is always my go to person when I need accuracy.

April 2013 / Joann:I called Sandy the other day as I was in a panic state of fear because my purse was missing! She told me that she didn't know where the purse was but that it WOULD be found and not to worry. After searching my entire home without finding it, I drove to work and found it safe in my locker

April 2013 / Darcy:Sandy, you read for me a couple of weeks ago and we were discussing my brother moving to Virginia and how stressed out he is. At a prior reading, you told me my Dad was helping him with this. Today my brother called and was stressed about his truck needing repairs, etc. all in preparation for moving. As soon as I got off the phone, my Dad's FAVORITE song came on the radio. I smiled and immediately thought of you!

April 2013 / Heather:Sandy, you did a Tarot Party at my house on New Years day and I am wondering if you are available in the near future to do another one. I also wanted to let you know that we sold our house (in the time frame you mentioned) and my best friend Nicole who was here found out the night of the reading from you that she was pregnant. :) You had mentioned it to her and she then decided to pick up a test on her way home from the party.

April 2013 / Lora A:I am astounded by your reading you gave me on 1/27/13, you told me some things and they unfolded exactly as you said. When you told me and emphasized it, I thought to myself that is not true. You were accurate it happened.

March 2013 / Thankful1:Thank you for a great reading....Wish I could have more time....Truthful and spot on!

March 2013 / progress05:This reader has a warmth and kindness that I appreciate! Was able to pick up on a few key details, and offer specifics on those in question. Very validating too! I recommend her!

March 2013 / nebula88:Thank u for the wonderful reading! I look forward to things unfolding soon!

March 2013 / Lakshmi76:So GREAT!! She is sooo awesome with general readings and giving you messages that the spirit has for you!! I recommend you call FindYourSpirit and see what messages your spirit guides have for YOU!! You may be pleasantly surprised...

March 2013 / green13:You see positive changes coming up. He has to let go of the past to move forward. Job in month or less. Sorry couldn't finish. Will talk again. Thank you.

March 2013 / Old Seraphim Harbinger:Thank you so much. You really made my night.

March 2013 / KGyatso:So on the money...thanks for your honesty, sorry to have gotten cut off.

March 2013 / newbie2:I'm impressed. Thank you!

March 2013 / lena17:She was AWESOME!! Thank you for the peace of mind today!! Amazing!!! She was quick and gave the DETAILS!! Many thanks!!

March 2013 / gennole:After my "friend" had shown her true colors, I couldn't have felt any worse than I have been so I really needed to speak with you! Although I am very sad by the loss of someone who meant so much to me and a supposed "friend", speaking with you has let me see a glimmer of light in a dark moment. I will try to get myself to focus on the positive things to come. Thank you so much Sandy!!

February 2013 / mikeaa49: SANDY is FANTASTIC ..Call you won't be disappointed. I've known Sandy since 9 -2010 . She has never been wrong about the BIG QUESTIONS , NEVER !

February 2013 / babyb76: Hi are awesome as usual! Everything you said was spot on! You are truly amazing and very gifted. Thank you so much for the Reading! LA

February 2013 / ANGELSPIRIT6035: Thanks Sandy for the support, will take your advice, and let you know how it will turn out.

February 2013 / Lakshmi76: Thanks Sandy!! You're the BEST advisor on keen!!!!

February 2013 / vinny 09: As a first time caller to Sandy, I felt very good with the over all reading by Sandy, she answered directly the questions with the assistance of her cards and for me placed a little ray of not just light but some hope and faith too. Thank you Sandy for your taking the time to take my call and answering my questions. We will wait yet with an open mind to see what happens. I recommend as a first time caller to give Sandy a try your self.

February 2013 / Sweet Potato: It's always a pleasure speaking to Sandy. She is always honest and delivers her readings with compassion. She tuned right into my situation and picked up on us doing home improvements, which we had just started last weekend. She has a REAL GIFT that is truly amazing. Give her a call and let her amaze you.

February 2013 / romakaur: Just as you saw it just as you told me... It was just like that... You never fail all areas of my life, your predictions come to light...So caring understanding & see it & tell me how it is... I know I need more patience I'm getting there & with your insight in stronger now too... Thank you xxxxx

February 2013 / OnlyOneLife: Excellent advisor. Honest and accurate.

January 2013 / moongrl51: What a great reader was right on will call again soon.

January 2013 / OmSandi: Very thorough reading with good (and realistic) info.

January 2013 / A Day in the Sun: Oh my goodness. Sandy. After we spoke today, i talked to my dad again and he said - get this - my great grandfather was indeed shot over a woman!! I thought the entire time you were picking up on my dad's mom's lineage - you were right again. I literally had to steady myself against the kitchen counter when he said that. I need to speak to again about some other descendant news. you are the best girl!

January 2013 / A Day in the Sun: love you! You will find this funny. You brought up Charlotte, and today in the last hour - I've gotten a random notice about North Carolina, the coast, and now Pandora is playing "going to Carolina" on my REGGAE/BEACH feed. So not a reggae/beach song! :)

January 2013 / lady2323: very good tarot reader. Feels like iim getting a reading from a friend. Would highly recommend

January 2013 / Bimgirl: Excellent as always! On point and has always been accurate for me. No fluff here. For me when she tells me something, it always happen. There are no doubts in mind whatsoever when it comes to her. I trust her. Gifted!

January 2013 / mikeaa49: UN FRIGGING REAL !! PREDICTED with pin point accuracy she would reach out and even predicted the time frame...BLOW MY MIND, 5 Stars are not enough !! SANDY SANDY SANDY!!

January 2013 / ANGELSPIRIT6035: Sandy, you blew my mind, you confirmed my guts feeling. Love talking to you, I remembered last time you predicted I will be in medical field, didn't think will happened at the time. But I was then got a job at medical field. Today, you see me will have another business, well I wasn't planning for it right now LOL. Will chat again, thanks so much for your help. Love ya!

January 2013 / A Day in the Sun: love love love you. I can't wait to see what shakes out with all of this. I will definitely keep you posted, however, you seem to know already, since it keeps coming true.

January 2013 / Lakshmi76: AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!! She always connects and she even had a message from a loved one that has passed on!! Always a positive reading and I really needed it today!!! I look forward to the great things in store for me this year!! Thanks Sandy!

January 2013 / romakaur:amazing accurate and always spot on - predictions come to face and when I least expect it it happens - you're an angel from above and I feel like I'm talking with my friend when I speak with you THANK YOU...10 stars...!! I went on the trip - you predicted the things you told me and though I doubted it at first - it all happened just like you said it would.. you said it would happen, it has, you said it would feel like it would - it does... you were on the ball again, and its all coming to light... .

December 2012 / sg219: FindYourSpirit is great and one of my top three advisors on Keen. Thank you!

December 2012 / Gails Vision: Direct, accurate and very friendly. Told me things that only I knew and this was a first time call. You will not be disappointed and here on Keen she is one of the few that are the "real" deal.

December 2012 / Lakshmi76: Always pleasant and consistent! The BEST reader on Keen!!

December 2012 / moongirl151: TY what a great call very detailed and knew some things without being told can't wait to call again

December 2012 / moongirl151: TY what a great call we connected so well and she answered all my concerns will call again soon

November 2012 / OnlyOneLife: Love this advisor. She is so fun and friendly to talk with. Yet, she is very accurate and things have happened exactly as she has said it will.

November 2012 / Lakshmi76: Always the BEST!!

November 2012 / moongrl151: we totally connected great call with detailed answers and information

November 2012 / Terry1021: Very good. 1st time caller. Sandy is the real deal. Very easy to talk to and Accurate. sandy I'm so happy that I found you!

November 2012 / Lakshmi76: The BEST!!! Very easy to talk to and she is always consistent! FindYourSpirit is a MUST CALL!!

November 2012 / Terri1021: Yeah! January 8th. I'm looking forward to that date.

November 2012 / skeya: You were right.. he never planned on giving me any money.. it was all a game. I'm so hurt right now, but your prediction was correct. :'( No hope in getting it in dribs and drabs as you said tho..

November 2012 / Mountain Cedars: Wow, truly gifted. The responses were accurate, detailed and kept coming. Thank you so much. Very insightful too.

November 2012 / romakaur: Amazingly accurate compassionate ad friendly, an overall brilliant 10 stars call,,,,picked up on situation people spot on...thanks so much

November 2012 / Lady Mercury: Thanks so much. New beginnings in 2013 on many levels...just what I needed to hear today. Gives me hope and inspiration. Will call again.

October 2012 / lynnieo: Thank you for your reading and your follow up email! FYS is kind and caring. I highly recommend that you call her.

October 2012 / jjcatcher: Accurate, compassionate and to the point!

October 2012 / mollym51: Thanks for your insight yesterday morning. Picked up current situation really well you even knew his sign with me telling you. I look forward to the predictions.

October 2012 / Bimgirl: Very accurate with reading. Predictions told in the past have come true. She's also has an upbeat and pleasant personality which helps, especially if the reading is based on unpleasant news. Sandy also follows up with emails which is so kind of her to do. She's definitely someone you should call.

October 2012 / Peaceful62: When I last spoke to Sandy 2 weeks ago, she said that she saw a lady interested in renting out my townhouse and that she will contact me within 2. She was correct. YAY! How is that for accuracy. Sandy never ceases to amaze me. She picked up on my second thoughts on marrying my fiance. She also picked up on the changes at work which will not affect me but it will affect the people around me. Thanks Sandy.

October 2012 / Trader: She was very accurate in picking up details about the situation. My man will have a hard time committing due to his own issues though we have a lot of love for each other. He will contact me again. With the other guy,.he is more.likely to commit but the best one I'm yet to meet. Hope to see this come to a passing soon. Thx so much.

October 2012 / Lakshmi76: Simply the Best! You know someone is in tuned to their spirit guides when they can give you a reading without requiring you to ask a question. Always a pleasure!

October 2012 / Jane from NY: I have had a few readings with Sandy. She is always right on. I wanted to share the most amazing reading I had with her. I had been single for about a year and a half. Sandy told me that a friend at work wanted to fix me up with a friend and I was reluctant. That was true. Sandy even got the name right. She told me I should meet this man, Ed or Edward. Months later it happened and I did start talking to Eddie on Facebook on and off, but neither of us made a move. I had a reading with Sandy again 4 days ago and again she told me about Eddie. She said he would ask me out within a week. The very next day, he did! We haven't had our 1st date yet. But if Sandy is right, this will be a very special man. And I am sure she is, as always.

October 2012 / Sandra from NY: Wanted you to know that my son sold his house yesterday. When we were sitting in your car waiting for road service to come, you told me that he was going to be getting a lot of money ....... "a lot" is relative, what one amount is to one person may not mean the same to another. However, he wanted to walk away with $150,000 clear in his pocket after real estate fees, lawyers, etc., etc., and he ended up with more than that. Just another example of how good you really are

September 2012 / w8t4me: Sandy is always awesome with my readings. I feel she taps into me and the person in question. I feel she is always honest in her reading and I know I can turn to her when I need to know what is going on. Wish I could have listened to your whole message, but I couldn't add anymore. Thanks Sandy.

September 2012 / flowers love rain: This reading was the most incredible that I have ever had on Keen!!!! I have spent more $$$$ than I care to mention on keen this summer as I have been struggling with a three year relationship. She not only helped me to understand what was going on with my relationship, she helped me to understand WHY!!!! I can't thank you enough....from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

September 2012 / A Day in the Sun: Sandy is amazing. She has described my deceased, ex-boss to a T, asking if i knew someone at work who had passed. She also most recently told me that i would hear from a woman that i had worked with in the past about a new job and she called that same day, 2 hours later. She is amazing. Love her.

September 2012 / Serendipity38: Thank you so much for your reading! I am working on changing me so that things can change in relationship. Love & Light.. and Blessings 2 you!

September 2012 / Bulldawg56: Sandy is AWESOME. She picks up on the vivid details of my life every time I call her, without me asking her any questions. Her gift is REAL. Give a call and you will be AMAZED!

September 2012 / tina2128: Great reading! Wow, looks like I will have a choice to make here pretty soon! I will keep u posted..highly recommended

September 2012 / moongrl51: great call detailed and compassionate will call again soon

September 2012 / blessed2: That was an incredible reading. You really do read the cards well.

September 2012 / Geof98: Wow ,what an amazing and gifted reader. Thank you so much for the great insights. Tons of stars********


September 2012 / w8t4me: Love getting readings with Sandy she never ceases to amaze me. She always picks up on what is going on in my life and especially with my relationship. For straight up honest answers she is my go to person. She will give it to you in a non-judgmental and friendly way. Like talking to an old friend.

September 2012 / Alf82: She is incredible; she read me like a book, with very little information from me.

September 2012 / Lakshmi761: Awesome!! The general readings are the best because I feel like you get the messages that are truly meant for you! Sandy you are the BEST!! I wish we had more time to talk about that trip! Take Care and as always you ROCK!

September 2012 / shoegal82: Sandy is great! She picked up on my fiance although I did not mention I was in a relationship and described him to a T. Definitely will call her again and again.

September 2012 / jjcatcher: Reading was perfect and on the dot with my situation... thank you

September 2012 / Member603777: Thanks for a really great and honest reading...wish I had more time!

August 2012 / Peaceful62: I have been calling Sandy for years and she never ceases to amaze me. Many of her predictions have come to pass. Give her a call and let her show you how truly GIFTED she is!

August 2012 / moongrl151: great secoond call right on target will call again soon with update

August 2012 / AJfish: A+++ Love this lady she knows what she is talking about and is so kind.

August 2012 / CSC35: Thank you again. I was worried about the paperwork not getting to them on time. I will let you know how that turns out. Im also glad that my ex will leave us alone and glad to hear I'm making the right choices for my daughter! I will keep you posted! Thank you again!

August 2012 / w8t4me: Okay Sandy, so here we go again. I kept thinking Sandy couldn't be off this much, something is up. Well, the next day I found out he was in another state and you were picking that up. Not that he lives in another state, but he was traveling in another state. This is the second or third time this has happened. Also, I had other things verified today that yesterday did not make sense. Sandy's accuracy rate for me might not be 100%, but it is pretty darn close.

August 2012 / kalam63: Thank you, we have a great connection! Some readers get offended when clients do not feel that the reader is really picking up but,the truth is not all people connect to everyone that calls; it is not anyone's fault- that is just the way it is. However, that certainly was not the case here. You knew things that only someone who knew me and my situation would. Most things not only resonated with my spirit but also validated my intuition that I have not been giving the proper attention.I feel terrible for not listning to myself but like you said live and learn.

August 2012 / Noetic One: Great reading, very in tune with situation with me telling her anything. Picked up on personality traits

August 2012 / shanu70: Sandy was awesome in giving me insight and some seriously great advice on why the guy I asked about had pulled back. And what to do about it. I plan to follow her advice when I feel the time is right. And that won't be long. She said let go for now and I am already working on it. i lovvvved my reading with sandy. After I finished talking to her, I had 100% more clarity and felt much more at peace. THANK YOU Sandy! You truly are the best!

August 2012 / Bulldawg56: Sandy never ceases to amaze me. She knew my father was in town and that he was excited about my wedding. She knew my Anniversary was coming up with my guy. She knew my dad is just now coming out of his financial struggle. She also, knew I was doing a look of workshops and training at work. I am speechless. I didn't even ask one question. She did a general reading and all of this correct information came up about my life. She is AWESOME. Call her and let her amaze you too!

July 2012 / lady2323: Love this advisor! Not only is she fast and accurate but she is also very pleasant to speak too. Her ability to be personable makes me feel like I'm not being judged and that speaks volumes for me. I especially like to speak to Sandy during hard times because of her ability to see light in every dark and gloomy situation. It's the optimistic perspective, while sharing very honest and accurate details, that makes me such a loyal customer. i guess her main strength in this area is her ability to see the purpose behind many life altering experiences. She is defiantly one of my favorites on keen and i hope you allow her to become on of yours.

July 2012 / PinkOrchid: Excellent call lots of details. Would recommend this reader!

July 2012 / 4Short: Sandy was 100% accurate! One of my first experiences in Keen, and I have used this site for years! She said she saw an 8 and a 2 and sure enough, my X contacted me yesterday! 8/2/12. Wow! I called today for a follow up, and although this time Sandy's guides did not see numbers, they see a reconnection, but not sure if romantic or not. We'll see. THANK YOU Sandy! This was truly an amazing thing to have happened!

July 2012 / Bulldawg56: Sandy never ceases to amaze me. I called for a general reading and I didn't ask any specific questions. She started telling me that my guy will be getting more money at his job. Just last week he was notified that his 90 day probation at his job is almost over and he will be getting a raise soon. WOW!!! And she saw that my job was changing and my new boss who she felt like was a man, is happy to have me on the time and likes me very much. She is correct again. Sandy is AWESOME. Give her a call, she is the REAL DEAL and you will not be disappointed.

July 2012 / shanu70: This reader never fails to amaze me. She read my situation without me saying much at all. Told me the guy I asked about would stay inconsistant a bit longer, blowing hot and cold but things will improve in 3 weeks. Also sees potential of it going somewhere. Her guides advised I just continue to carry on my life, not stress over it and he will come around. Time will tell. A very encouraging reading. THANK YOU!

July 2012 / jjcatcher: wow, so many details and tune into my situation accurately and quickly. thank you for the great reading.

July 2012 / nicolletteny: Great reading! Thanks for the clarification. I will continue to let things unfold naturally. It looks like he will ask me out in "2 to 3". I look forward to confirming the info you provided!

July 2012 / chenique41: Great call and very nice spirit. Will definitely call again! Very accurate. Thanks!

July 2012 / 4Short: First time caller. I appreciated her kindness and directedness. She talked about horoscope connections and saw a 2 & an 8 in the reading where I asked about my X and I reconciling. So maybe something by end of August, but the prediction is that it would still be a bumpy ride. Thank you! We will see how things unfold.

July 2012 / sam577: really like her:) very sweet and non-judgmental. She was right on with everything. Easy to talk to and i would definitely call her again:))

July 2012 / Tod3: Friendly. Personal. Full of real life examples. Helpful. Easy to talk to and non judgmental. Sandy is all of these and more. Give her a call. Worth your time and money.

June 2012 / shanu70: well she called it last time. Said she saw the guy I asked about would be asking me to coffee soon, probably in the cafeteria and even knew what color the walls were. lol it happened all right. We had coffee at the cafeteria. I was totally thrown he asked but he did and we chatted and it was great and we have been talking non stop since. She sees positive things but said I should take it slow and stall him from getting intimate so he will pursue me even more.I will definitely be working on that. THANK YOU! you rock!

June 2012 / lady2323: She always puts me at ease. I like her personality and the fact that her readings are very accurate. You could literally speak to her for hours and forget the time, thats how good she is.

June 2012 / CSC Lady: Quick and to the point. Able to pick up on many things that are hovering around the situation.

June 2012 / oceanbreeze62: This lady is fabulous. Highly recommend.

June 2012 / oceanbreeze62: This lady was wonderful -very down -to- earth, gentle and very, very accurate. Wish I could have talked longer, but definately will phone again. She has a gift.

June 2012 / 1day: 1st time caller. Awesome. Will call again!

June 2012 / lucky14ever: This was my second time calling her and she was again amazing!she describe all situations in my life exactly the way they are. She described my love life my children, my job situation very well.

June 2012 / mikey62: she was right on.more money and opportunity-i did not make supervisor at this job but im leaving to another job to make double the money i make now.

June 2012 / shanu70: Thank you for the very encouraging reading. 100% accurate and gave me amazing insight into my situation and the guy I asked about. Gave me hope. All I need to do is stay patient. I will definitely be calling back!

June 2012 / Tod3: I asked Sandy for further clarification on a few issues and she was very helpful with focused observations based on great knowledge.

June 2012 / w8t4me: Sandy is always a pleasure to speak with. Each and every time she nails the person(s) involved with professionalism and clarity. I feel like she answers with honesty and integrity. I'm comfortable in knowing the information given me is truly accurate. She told me I would be hearing from the person I was asking about soon. A few seconds later while talking to her I got a text from that same person. The rest of the reading was just as reassuring.

May 2012 / Bulldawg56: I have had women bosses for the last 10 years. Sandy knew that my new boss is a man and that he was a nice guy. She also knew that my job functions were changing that they would be adding on more responsibilities without an immediate pay increase. I actually start training for more responsibilities in July. She is awesome. Call her and see for yourself.

May 2012 / Tod3: Thanks for the indepth look at my situation. It appears that there is a change of individuals in my life. You were right and I will pay attention to the matters as they unfold like you guided me to do. Of course, you will certainly be updated.

May 2012 / moongrl151: great first call felt wenreally connected on all levels will call again soon

May 2012 / Zzee: Thank you once again for all your assistance. You give me so much hope and I feel much better after speaking with you

May 2012 / nicolletteny: Thanks for the clarification on the reading--my cell phone had bad reception, and I do appreciate your followup. You provided valuable insight into the situation with my ex. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

May 2012 / w84me: Always gives reading with honesty and integrety. A definite must call back.

May 2012 / mikey62: im a skeptic, but I really believe she will make a believer out of me.I will find out soon and update.

May 2012 / Bimgirl: Sandy said that there would be contact from my EX late May and before June and that communication was coming. She also said an apology was coming in the communication. She was right! Prediction confirmed at 7:38 this morning. She was right on point! Can't get any better than that.

May 2012 / Bimgirl: Sandy said that there would be contact from my EX late May and before June and that communication was coming. She also said an apology was coming in the communication. She was right! Prediction confirmed at 7:38 this morning. She was right on point! Can't get any better than that.

May 2012 / teddybear4961: Excellent Reading, I will call back

May 2012 / angels3409: Sandy, you were right! He called as you predicted! Thanks!

May 2012 / Bimgirl: When I need comfort and the absolute TRUTH, I go to her. She counsels you and tells you the best path to take that will be most beneficial to you. I think the best thing about her is that she talks to you like a Friend and you feel comfortable. She feels your pain because she's been through this before as well. I can basically go to her and tell her "Help me Sandy, I'm falling apart, my boyfriend left me for his ex-wife" and she takes over and puts everything in perspective for me. She warned me it would happen and that he would run off. I didn't listen. Please call her for the truth and save yourself some pain. Just simply amazing and predictions come true.

05.04.12 / Wendy: When you read my cards in the middle of March, I was very surprised at how accurate you were with timing. Timing is the key for people, and it is very hard for mediums and psychics to pinpoint a specific month, etc. You're the best I have seen in the Capital District Area. It's amazing what has taking place since I have seen were right on the money! I would recommend you to anyone and have already done so to a number of my friends. You're amazing!! Looking forward to my next reading...

04.09.12 / yourlifeisnow: Prediction from February came to pass! Got the job and it was 'female' energy and a female hired me!

04.09.12 / Erin: You were RIGHT ON! I think the good spirits and energies were with us this past Halloween, because you saw a baby in the cards and said you felt strongly that it would happen pretty soon.  Low and behold, it happened just about a month-and-a-half after our get-together.  I've been wanting so badly to tell you but wanted to play it safe and wait until the second trimester.  Yup, it's a girl and I'm due in September.  You were so right on and I was so filled with doubts that it could happen.

04.07.12 / love8478: Thank You so much for the insights... I really appreciate it and will look forward to your predications. You were quick and knew exactly what was going on. I will be back to update you.

04.04.12 / Keeper: First time to call. She was right on about the energies that surround me and was very supportive of my feelings towards the situation I am in. I will definitely call her back for more advice and guidance. I definitely recommend her services! 

03.28.12 / tiger10: I am so glad that I spoke with you today about my job situation. Thank you for shedding light on what is going on and the people involved. Your reading has given me the confidence I need to know that I am on the right track and to trust my instincts and inner guidance.

03.23.12 / angels3409: Excellent and accurate predictions! Thank you.

03.15.12 / l12341234: CALL HER! She knew the phone digits without me telling her. WOW! Seriously? GREAT!

03.11.12 / Zzee: Really good reader. She doesn't waste time and picked up on my situation, line of work, and career immediately. Very encouraging and very accurate.

03.05.12 / persiandrag: There are only two psychics I call on Keen, and FYS is one of them. She is extremely accurate and excellent on issues of love. No need to look further than this.

03.02.12 / Merrymeet: Thank you for the encouraging reading.

03.02.12 / ChasingMuses: Thank you for the reading. You were very easy to talk to. I feel like I can better formulate a plan now.

02.29.12 / Lady Mercury: First time call. I feel she tapped into the situation I called about accurately. I don't think she was just telling me what I wanted to hear. Will call again. Thank you.

02.25.12 / SaraVT: Hi, Sandy. I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that you were right once again for me! Thank you again for always being there. You do great work!

02.23.12 / Kelley81: Excellent...after wasting WAY too much money on others...gotta say she is one of the best. Her insight was pretty dead on. Definitely worth the call.

02.07.12 / Bulldawg56: I called and asked Sandy about my job. She said that she sees me doing something administrative in the medical transcription field. She was absolutely correct. I currently work in the accounting department for a medical transcription company. You can't get more accurate than that!

02.05.12 / A Day in the Sun: Incredible what you picked up on. You're the bomb. Thanks again.

02.03.12 / PinkOrchid: Amazing reader! Picked up on very intimate details. Highly recommend her!

01.29.12 / Kate B: Sandy, things are happening exactly as you told me last week...

01.29.12 / CSC35: Great talking with you as always.

01.24.12 / Royal6841: Absolutely amazing. I appreciate the honesty and heartfelt reading. Thanks for the follow-up. I highly recommend her.

01.24.12 / Vanessa: Sandy is an amazing intuitive! She is warm, caring, connects quickly, has an excellent ability to help me understand the people in my life, and provides me with a unique perspective regarding my potential and path with her abilities.

01.19.12 / w8t4me: Sandy was right again. She picked up on several things that were spot-on accurate.

01.14.12 / dr2be9: Very professional and sent a lovely follow-up email, which is rare on Keen, so that was a nice and kind surprise. I would call her again. Thank you.

01.03.12 / Marilyn1952: Hello, Love! Fabulous energy, professionalism, and information! xoxo!

12.30.11 / rusty4060: Thank you, Sandy. Sandy is a very clear and good reader. She does not waste your time.

12.29.11 / Thomas5293: Sandy is such a wonderful psychic and friend. I cannot say enough about her, and I am glad to have her as part of my life, even in only the small way of counseling me as to what she sees. She’s wonderful, and I would recommend her to people who want clarity and honesty. We love you, Sandy!!

12.28.11 / amanda360: Really enjoyed our call!! And truly appreciate the follow-up email as well!! Thank you again - and I will definitely call again!!!

12.23.11 / ile: I wish I had more time to talk! She is really good! I spoke with her once before and she knew what would happen in a meeting and how i would feel walking away from it before it happened. Tonight she was ONCE AGAIN RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! She is definitely the real deal!

12.20.11 / ANGELSPIRIT6035: Thanks, Sandy. You sure lifted up my spirit this morning. I love talking to you. During my last reading, you told me I would have two offers in September, and I sure did.

12.17.11 / Hope1956: Sandy is AMAZING. She is the real deal, as others have validated before me. She was accurate with my ongoing situation. I love her style of reading - compassionate and honest. I highly recommend her.

12.17.11 / karmame: She was accurate in what she said and made total sense...I hope and i feel it will all come to pass.

12.08.11 / Katie S: Thank you, Sandy. You really hit on some key things for me. I am looking forward to see how this all unfolds!

11.24.11 / AJfish: She made me feel good about what I am going to do in the future...

11.15.11 / perfect526: Fabulous call.

11.14.11 / yoga5mom: Great reading and a positive affirmation of what I already know; I just needed to confirm what I was feeling. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you.

11.14.11 / Michelle Cooke: You and your angels rock! You saw back in July 2011 that my 20-year-old nephew was going to be arrested again. Your insight angels were right. From what she said, it was around Halloween 2011. He has no one to guide him in the right direction. Your angels told you this and they were right.

11.11.11 / ile: This was my 1st reading and I asked about career and three different men in my career. She picked up on how I felt about one individual. She also confirmed what another psychic has told me. I'd have to say she is the real deal. Thank you, Sandy!

11.08.11 / lady2323: Always a pleasure! This reader is always very honest and accurate, not to mention the fact that she is very kind.

11.06.11 / 19green78: Very impressive 1st call. She knew a lot without getting clues from me.

11.02.11 / Mystic Maja: Excellent.

11.01.11 / buttonlov3: All of Sandy's visions and readings are coming to life! And I have been calling since June. She said that things will start manifesting around fall and it is happening! Sandy, you are the best. Period! I will talk to you soon. Thank you again and again and again.

10.31.11 / sjh: Thank you for your great insight!

10.31.11 / Happy05: I really enjoyed the conversation. She was very professional and intuitive with her responses. Thank you for speaking with me today.

10.24.11 / Hope007: Had to call back to finish the conversation. Thank you so much Sandy. You are soooo warm. As stated in previous feedback, she was right on the money about my guy. Thank you once again. Take care. Blessings.

10.03.11 / Sara K: I just wanted to touch base with you and give you an affirmation of a reading that you did for me. I had asked you about my boyfriend and a possible engagement. You had stated that, due to money issues and concern about the future, you did not think that it would happen. You were correct! You are very tuned in to me and my questions and a great spiritual advisor. I recommend you to anyone!

10.02.11 / coconita: Thank you very much. Nice, accurate, and fast.

09.23.11 / Lakshmi76: I have not talked to Sandy in a long time, and I realized that I really missed her positive energy. My call today has given me such hope and has reignited my excitement for things to come! Sandy is so warm and personable and intuitive. I highly recommend that you call because you will not be disappointed! Thanks, Sandy.

09.19.11 / Maria L: I really wanted to thank you guys so much for yesterday. I can't tell you what a good day it turned out to be for me. I think just having people over, especially all 'the girls,' was exactly what I needed...just to laugh and see how excited they all were and what a great time they all had! Everyone said they were so glad they came and that they really got so much out of it. What an amazing gift you have!!

09.07.11 / ElenaA60: She is very good. Thank you for the great reading.

09.04.11 / Nette2350: 1st time using Keen, and she was my 1st choice. I'm so glad I called her. She knew the situation with my boyfriend and has a lovely disposition. She is definitely a gifted and talented reader. Thank you. I will follow up!

08.30.11 / Birmgirl: On target! She doesn't miss a beat! Amazing!

08.24.11 / Michelle, VA: Sandy, you always tell me I am a good person, but have you really looked in the mirror? You'll see so many angels around you that you'll be overwhelmed. You care for the people around you, even if they don't see it. As the song goes: "Blessings from Heaven fall down on me," and they do fall on you. Thank you again and again.

08.24.11 / phosphor: Thank you very much for today, and thank you for the follow-up emais. It is very nice of you to do that when so many do not. Great person and I believe very accurate.

08.23.11 / Michelle7366: Sandy, you overwhelm me. I was speechless.

08.20.11 / Lovedori: Fabulous as always! A most trusted advisor. Helpful, insightful, consistent, honest, and compassionate Tarot reader.

08.13.11 / SherCody: Thank you. I enjoyed the call, and I feel better after speaking with you. I appreciate the follow-up email very much... Look forward to speaking with you in the coming weeks.

08.12.11 / Jane: I last saw you a couple weeks ago in the Cajun resturant in Schenectady. I also had a party at my apartment a couple of months ago with you. You wanted me to let you know how my trip to see an old boyfriend went. You hit it right on the nose. He was happy to see me, we had some fun, and I believe he will marry his fiancée. You had told me this would bring me peace, and it has. Just wanted to say thanks.

07.31.11 / hopefloats34: Wonderful!!!

07.30.11 / Bellarose1025: She has been so accurate and great. Call her - she is always right on.

07.21.11 / sheila231: I have never encountered someone as accurate as you, knowing the year my husband and I were married, how old he is, and how many kids we have. Thank you so much. God bless you.

07.18.11 / ANGELSPIRIT6035: Thanks, Sandy; I feel much better after talking with you. You are very correct with my situation, and I will take your advice. Loved talking to you again, as always.:)

07.18.11 / Jambo56: Always outstanding. :)

07.15.11 / mikeaa49: I have tried many advisors on Keen and found that most are not accurate. Sandy is amazingly accurate. I can't endorse her enough. Just call her. THE BEST, period.

06.02.11 / voice3924: Sandy is a MUST CALL. Phenomenal. I don't usually leave feedback of any sort because I haven't found anyone that truly impresses me. She went way beyond that. Astoundingly accurate. Thank you.

06.02.11 / FreshAirGirl: Great reading! Very friendly and in tune with my situation.

05.29.11 / vickik73: You really hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

05.25.11 / Angelica: Thanks bunches are the best. Great call.

05.20.11 / 1chiclady: A joy to talk to! I definitely recommend her and will call her again in the future. Thanks, Sandy!

04.05.11 / Mystic Maja: The best.

04.04.11 / Happy1850: Thanks, Sandy, for always being kind, consistent, and honest. Sandy picked up on facts without my saying a word. She is the real deal! You should give her a call. You will not be disappointed.

04.02.11 / 5Virginia2467: Very nice woman. Really enjoyed this call.

04.01.11 / kim07712: You're a sweetheart and it was a blessing to have you read for me. Thank you and a million stars to you.

03.31.11 / LoveJoy18: Oh my God...she was so on point. I love her! 1,000,0000 stars!!

03.21.11 / Jambo56: Wonderful reading. Thank you.

03.21.11 / CRW: She is just completely lovely. I was a first time caller, and my reading was delightful and so spot-on accurate. This is a well earned 5-star rating. I highly recommend her!

03.08.11 / desiree93: A zillion stars for this amazing reader! She zeros in on the issue with clarity, insight, and depth, offering a detailed reading which reveals her huge heart and profound wisdom. Do get a reading from FINDYOURSPIRIT before her line becomes impossibly long because, with her aptitude and great gift to foresee the future, it most definitely will. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

03.03.11 / greek83: Dead on! Thank you!

02.25.11 / tulipwaz: Wonderful reader! Very detailed and accurate. You lifted up my spirits.

02.23.11 / hushter: Thanks, dear.

02.15.11 / love113: Thank you! You're great!!

02.15.11 / eyjang: Thank you. I will call again. It was a very helpful talk.

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